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Who It’s For: CEOs and Board Chairs of non-profit organizations that may be experiencing the following:

  • Lackluster fundraising by the board
  • Poor attendance at board or committee meetings
  • Long-standing board members who resist change and the new realities
  • Board Chair and CEO conflicts about board or organizational priorities
  • High board or CEO turnover
  • Homogenous board that does not reflect the community it serves
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What It’s About: Addresses the key relationship elements that drive the success of an organization. It builds on the powers and strengths of the CEO and Board Chair to forge a unique partnership. The program’s primary goals are:

  • Build trust at the highest level
  • Form a work and communication style that elevates the organization
  • Develop a mission –based work plan that delivers on key priorities
  • Strengthen board effectiveness and engagement with leadership

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