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Who It’s For: New Board Chairs, whether first time or an experienced leader in a new organization,

who want to have a strong relationship with their board and CEO so they can quickly move from kicking ideas around to making them happen. You may be experiencing the following:

  • Uncertainty about how to lead the board effectively
  • Embarking on a major restructure of the board
  • Undergoing a major organizational change initiative
  • A desire to embrace and expand prior leaders’ initiatives
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What It’s About: Provides tools and a road map to understand, shape and strengthen their board. It builds on the strengths of the Board Chair to forge a partnership with their board. The program’s primary goals are:

  • Build trust at the highest level
  • Understand strengths, weaknesses and needs of the board
  • Develop a mission –based map and plan for strengthening board
  • Develop a work plan for board chair effectiveness
  • Make a positive impact on the organization

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